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March 18, 2021

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This year I want to focus on the rainbows that come into our lives after the rain and the joy that we all possess within us. There are so many absolutely beautiful places to take photographs and I thought it may be helpful to your planning and forward thinking to know what months are ideal for certain locations. Would you like your family to have a gorgeous photo shoot among cherry blossoms? In a field of Sunflowers? In a wave of flowing lavender? In a secret garden? Picking Strawberries or pumpkins? Central Park? Grassy Meadow? A lovely vineyard? On the ocean? Below find the best times to book for these special locations.


Cherry blossom season gives us all the feels. It only lasts for a short time but gah (!) these photos are dreamy. Plan ahead so you don’t miss these blooms.


April Showers bring May Flowers. They also bring all the green and all of the life back to our beautiful parks and backyards. Let’s pick a date to breathe in that hopeful spring air. Pets are always encouraged to be included on family shoots.


In June summer isn’t too hot yet, and the evenings are beautiful. Love where you live and let’s capture it together.


Have you ever stood in a field of lavender? Living on Long Island we have access to these absolutely gorgeous locations that really give us these photos that transcend the camera. You can literally smell the joy.


Sunflower fields are the perfect backdrop for any August photoshoot and the images that you walk away with are always pure sunshine.


Apple picking is never a bad idea. It’s fun for the kids and the pop of red in the background is oh so stunning.


Get out your flannel and your high boots. Let’s take some photos with a gorgeous autumn backdrop. Fall nights bring that backlight that makes everything feel warm and intimate.


Get in a cozy outfit and meet me at the Christmas Tree farm for some classic holiday photos. Take the stress out of the holiday season by planning for your greeting cards today.


Santa Baby? Is that you? If you are having a baby in December, now is a great time to book your newborn shoot before life gets too busy.

Plan Ahead!

*through 3/31/21

I appreciate you! Thank you all for letting me into your lives to take part of your special, memorable moments. I am always honored to have a sneak peek into your life and am committed to always capturing the magic.

xoxo, Janelle Brooke

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