The Time of Your Life

Some days…
In the most intimate settings…
Doing the simplest of activities…
are what will matter most to you…
Twenty years from now-
When they have grown and don’t fit in that nook in your arm,
Quite the same way they did when they were born.

That’s why now is the time.
Now, is the time to remember.
That they will only be this size once…
That you will only be at this stage in your marriage once…
That life moves really fast.

Let us help you remember.
Let us capture the moments for you-
that will one day be the memories you cherish
That will one day be, I remember when.
So, years from now, when they are off at college
You can stand and look at your photos and know
that you did everything then to take it all in while it was still precious.

These are the moments we live to capture.
These are the moments that truly define life.
We are honored to be part of these moments.

Plan to Print

We will set up a phone call when you receive your prints, to discuss the images that you want to use in your plan to print. There is nothing more joyful than having a beautiful photograph of your loved ones hanging for all to see or a gorgeous album to go through when company comes over.


Fine Art Editing

Fine Art Editing. We will upload all of the beautiful photos and sort them all out and then start the fine editing process, which is time consuming, but it is essential. This is when those fly-away hairs and unexpected distractions, that could normally ruin a photo get stripped away, just like magic. Here the colors get brighter, and everything is tightened up in a way that captures that crisp, classic, and iconic JBP image.


Photo Day

Day of the photos, we will meet at our decided location and ease into the photoshoot. I will study quietly how your family is adjusting to being in front of my camera and let you move comfortably together to optimize a natural feeling experience as well as image. If you want specific portrait’s we will work on those as well. It will be happy, fun, and most importantly, a special and not stressful experience.


Set a Date

Set a date, set a time, set a place. We are going to nail down the rest of the details in email and get ready for our special time together.


Phone Call

First things first, Let’s get on the phone and chat! I am going to ask you questions and find out what you are hoping for. What kind of style of photo speaks to you? We will discuss different locations and what times of day will work best for you and your family and why certain times of day work best for my camera. We will discuss attire and how to best style your people and if you need help in that department we can talk about those helpful options, too. We will also discuss your plan to print up front. What are you looking to do with your photos after they are taken? Are you looking for a gallery wall? For one gorgeous print to hang over your mantle. An album to give as a holiday gift, perhaps. When you plan to print from the beginning, your photos have less of a chance of getting stuck in the cloud and forgotten.


step by step, here's what to expect

the family experience

I met someone who I am confident will beautifully capture the most special moments of our life. At the end of the day, we feel like the fortunate ones to have our lives captured through Janelle’s lens and we are forever grateful.

Somehow she makes the magic happen from two irritable newborns, to cranky toddlers or sassy “big kids” that can be unagreeable. No matter how non-ideal the situation may have been, Janelle knows just what to say, and exactly how to capture our family so beautifully together. Reflecting on the last ten years, I really didn’t realize who I was meeting when I thought I was “just shopping for a wedding photographer”. 

Fast forward to pregnancy, newborn and every family shoot we did…she’s just the best.

Janelle and I met early 2011 when we were getting ready to select our wedding photographer. As soon as we met Janelle, we knew we didn’t need to meet another photographer. She makes you feel excited for the big day, comforted by her experience photographing weddings and focused on capturing your collaborative vision for your wedding day. On the actual wedding day, she puts you at ease, is professional, anticipates times for magical photo opportunities and even offered us a walk through prior to the day so there were no surprises. That being said, we got the surprise of all time with a fire at our wedding! Nonetheless, Janelle was unphased and kept us all calm stayed the course. She didn’t even falter and stayed the extra time to be sure every memory was captured. 

I have ten years of gorgeous photos from engagement, to boudoir, to wedding, maternity, newborn and 7 years of birthday and holiday family sessions together. I proclaim every session to be my “favorite” only to love the next one equally if not more.

I don’t even know where to begin about my experience with working with Janelle but will start by saying she is an absolute pleasure. We are approaching ten years of her capturing the most amazing memories of our life together and there’s no other way to describe it but to say I feel so lucky.

THE coffin family

Now after all these years we have many photos to treasure but most importantly we treasure the relationship we have built with Janelle, it’s one that will truly last a lifetime.

Our photos are real, raw, and authentic because of the relationship we have with Janelle. She knows our family inside and out, she wants to be there to celebrate our milestones together, and she honestly cares how our photos come out. 

When I think back on why I chose Janelle all those years ago, I remember how beautiful her pictures were, how she made me feel and the chemistry we had together. Janelle is our storyteller. She has captured and preserved snapshots of our family’s journey perfectly so we have them for years to come. She has created a cohesive visual of the life we have built together, where each photo reminds you of the journey.

Fast forward 7 years, through an engagement shoot, a wedding, a maternity shoot, 3 newborn shoots and countless lifestyle shoots in-between, I can now say, Janelle is my lifetime photographer. 

I never knew what a lifetime photographer was, nor was I thinking of one when I booked Janelle to photograph my wedding back in 2014.


She’s truly documenting the story of our life

Family shoots with her are like a homecoming and because we know and love her, the photos that come out of our time with her are always special and sprinkled with a certain fairy-dust you can’t quite put your finger on. We couldn’t achieve the magic in these photos with someone we didn’t have that relationship with. Janelle will be taking photos of our family forever - that matters to us. That means something. 

She has seen us from bride and groom, to new homeowners and expecting parents, to parents of preemie-twins, toddlers and all of the in-betweens.

There is something to be said about having a lifetime photographer. Janelle has been taking photos of us since we were engaged. 


I never know what to expect when I reach out to JBP to set up a session but I do know that the end product never disappoints, I am always blown away. Eight years of memories preserved, with only more to come.

Janelle’s dedication to capturing “the” moments make every image feel that much more intimate. Her care for the client yields comfort and trust, elements that are crucial to allowing her subjects to let down their guard and display their natural joy and beauty.

I am fortunate to say that as our story grew, as we added new chapters, JBP was there, growing with us, experiencing (and at times, coordinating) each life event, every step of the way. Showers, rites of passage, birthdays, and mini sessions, all meticulously photographed and edited to perfection. 

Janelle’s images leapt off the page, capturing the beauty of a union in ways words cannot express. 

My journey with Janelle Brooke Photography began in 2013 when they captured my fairytale wedding! It was an instant connection in terms of style and personality. While I was fortunate to be able to view the images of affairs of my friends and family, all had left me with the same pictures, the same story. 

THE Ciaccio family


A Lifetime of Memories



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