Rainy Days Don’t Get Us Down


April 8, 2019

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If the forecast calls for rain,


Living in New York, we are accustomed to rainy days. It rains at least once a week here! To the average person, it doesn’t come as a shock when rain occurs on a weekend. But to a bride, this seems like the worst thing imaginable!! And we TOTALLY get it! When you’re planning for the most wonderfully amazing magical day of your life, news of a rainy day can totally cramp your style. But I am here to tell you that what may seem like your worst nightmare could actually be a beautiful opportunity for the most romantical photos you will ever take!!

As your wedding photographers, we are here for you every step of the way. We understand how stressful wedding planning can be and we want to help! Let’s make a rain plan for the day of the wedding. This could mean either finding a cool indoor location (historic site, museum, library) or let’s get adventurous and plan to buy some rain boots & umbrellas! This way, if mother nature decides to throw a wrench into your plans, we have you covered (quite literally!)

Here are a few of our favorite umbrellas for the big day. We lean towards clear/white umbrellas that let the light shine through.

Bulk White Umbrellas for the entire bridal party from Amazon.com

Clear Bubble Umbrellas from Target.com

Kate Spade “Love is in the Air” Bubble Umbrella on Amazon.com

Some of the most beautiful photos we have ever taken include two people, a little precipitation, and their umbrellas. Check out our favorite rainy day wedding & engagement photos below!

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