{Dear Bride Podcast} Episode Three: Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Before Marriage

Dear Bride Podcast

May 1, 2019

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Today’s guest is Justine Carino, former JBP bride and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Being experienced in couple’s counseling, Justine shares with us the most important things to discuss with your hubby before you say “I Do!”  Check out her website at Carino Counseling for more information about her counseling services & a special offer for listeners only!

This is HUGE! If you have not discussed if you are interested in having children prior to marriage it can cause a huge rift in the relationship! Many relationships have ended based on this argument alone. Make it a priority to chat about this critical topic.

What are your expectations of one another? How are you going to divide household chores & responsibilities? Individually, we have been taught different gender roles based on our family of origin. So this is super important to discuss and see what your partner is expecting of you!

There is a saver & spender in every relationship. Talk about how you’re going to handle your money. Check out this app: You Need A Budget

For years prior to meeting your spouse, you shared certain holidays & family traditions as a member of your own family. Now you have to share holidays with your spouse’s family. This can be a huge compromise! It can also be time to create new family traditions 🙂

Talk about your life goals with your partner- whether you want to travel, what you think about retirement, future career goals, etc. If your partner is holding you back from fulfilling a lifelong dream, it’s easy to become resentful. Justine recommends the Gottman Love Map App to learn more about your partner & to deepen your relationship.

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