{Dear Bride Podcast} Episode Ten: Postponing Your Wedding During A Global Pandemic

Dear Bride Podcast

March 23, 2020

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Today we are joined by Samantha & Alex, JBP couple planning their wedding for 2020. They are here to tell the story of how their wedding plans were affected by the coronavirus. We are all feeling the effects of how this crisis has affected health, employment, and activities, however, for couples planning their wedding, COVID-19 has caused cancelations, postponements, financial losses, and a huge damper for these 2020 celebrations. The global crisis may have disrupted Samantha & Alex’s wedding plans, but they are standing strong amongst the chaos and are here to share their positive mindset & insight on how they got over this huge speed bump!

Our first remotely recorded Skype call with Samantha and Alex sharing their heartfelt story on how this global pandemic has effected them. Together they stand strong amongst chaos and uncertainty. Their faith and positive outlook is giving us all the feels.

The entire world is here applauding those on the front lines fighting COVID-19. We are forever grateful to you. Our sincere appreciation and daily prayers to all.

A note from the bride’s sister (we couldn’t have put it better ourselves):
We also realize that as a nation, as a world, what we are dealing with is much bigger than just one person or event … but it still stings, it still hurts and you still have the right to cry, to get emotional and to as my soon to be brother says grieve. I think for others dealing with the should we or shouldn’t we postpone/cancel our event, this podcast by the very talented and very real Janelle Brooke helps us understand and hear the real emotions of what 2 people have dealt with these past few weeks. I am so proud of my sister and soon to be brother for putting themselves out there to share themselves with all of you.

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