Amanda + Greg’s Honeymoon Safari Album

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September 6, 2017

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So you plan this AMAZING, INCREDIBLE Honeymoon Safari – the vacation of a lifetime! And you take GORGEOUS photos of the giraffes & stunning beaches on your trip. Then what? Maybe you make a slideshow for your desktop, pick a favorite photo for your iPhone’s background- post an album on facebook. Are you really doing your trip of a lifetime justice by letting these photos sit on your computer? Why not create a beautiful keepsake album to enjoy flipping through with your hubby for years to come?

So along came Greg. Greg wanted to surprise Amanda with a super thoughtful birthday gift this year and he decided to make her an album of their honeymoon photos! Best. Gift. Ever. He realized that it had been a few years since their honeymoon and they still hadn’t looked at the images! He handed over the memory cards and let us take it from there. After all, we look at thousands upon thousands of photos on the daily, so we’re used to this! We carefully sorted through the photos and created something very special for Amanda & Greg to look back on & remember this spectacular trip! Such a fantastic idea- kudos to Greg! {Not to mention the fact that we wanted to make ourselves a copy of the album- the photos are amazing!!}

Enjoy the photo love!



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