Love for photography can start in any number of places. From simply loving a single image that sparks a flame to create, to growing a hobby into a career. We all start somewhere, for Beth, that place was Luxembourg. What started as an exciting, international trip to summer camp, turned into a truly life changing experience! Beth established lifelong friendships with her fellow campers that summer and upon her return home she came to the realization that she had no photographs to reflect this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Beth’s mother, a former school portrait photographer, helped her begin to learn the basics of taking a good photograph. She quickly fell in love with the craft and desired to move past her mother’s portraiture background. Two photography internships in high school helped her to continue to grow her repertoire and ultimately she applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology to further study photography and digital media.

Post FIT, Beth continued to broaden her skills in a number of different photography positions. She worked in the photography departments at both Cosmopolitan and New York Magazine and with celebrity photographers Deborah Feingold and Danielle Levitt. Although incredibly exciting, none of these positions fulfilled Beth’s passion for capturing truly meaningful moments. Luckily, after agreeing to photograph the wedding of a close friend, Beth learned that wedding photography was the perfect niche for her desire to take gratifying, valuable photos. Always an amateur anthropologist, wedding photography provides Beth with both a creative outlet and an avenue for her to learn about cultures and traditions different than her own. Teaming up with JBP has been the ultimate fit to further expand her prolific photography career while experiencing weddings of all types, styles and traditions!  

beth zink

Photographer. Lover of Tradition & Culture. Go-Getter. 

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